Great High Mountain chords with lyrics by Jack White - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jack White – Great High Mountain chords

GOnce I stood at the foot of a great high mountain
D GThat I wanted so much to climb
GAnd on top of this mountain was a beautiful fountain
D GThat flows with the water of life
GI fell down on my knees at the foot of this mountain
D GI cried, "O Lord what must I do?
GI want to climb this mountain, I want to drink from this fountain
D GThat flows so clear in my view"
[Instrumental] G G D G G G D G [Verse]
GThen I heard a sweet voice from the top of this mountain
D GSaying, "Child put your hand in mine"
GI started climbing slowly, "Watch your steps at the edges
D GAnd take one step at a time"
GI started climbing upward taking one step at a time
D GThe higher I got the harder I climbed
[Instrumental] G G D G G G D G [Verse]
GI'm still climbing upward and my journey's almost ended
D GI'm nearing the top and you ought to see the view
GOh the water flows freely, there's enough to make you free
D GSo friend if you're thirsty climb this mountain with me
[Outro] G G D G G G D G
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