Jackie Deshannon - A Lifetime Of Loneliness tab

A Lifetime of Loneliness

Intro: F  C  F  C

F     C   Am   D7 
Since you left me
Gm7                  C7
Iím finding out what heartbreak is
   F    C   Am   D7
So help me, save me
Gm7                   C7
You are the judge and Iím your prisioner

F              Dm        C           C7
Donít sentence me into a lifetime of loneliness
             F    Dm
Without your love I would die
             F      Bb            C
Without your love I wouldnít even try to carry on

      F    C  Am   D7
I was born to love you
Gm7                    C7             F
Spare me a lifetime of loneliness and tears

    Bbmaj7                 C  
For I believe when love is true
                   Bbmaj7                   C
One hasnít got the right to turn to someone new
                   F        F7               Bbmaj7
One hasnít got the right to break somebodyís heart
The way youíve broken mine

Come back I want you, need you
Bring back the love you shared with me
Without you, darling
Iím such a lonely human being


I was born to love you
Come to my arms and rescue, rescue me (end in F)

by: Josť Duarte
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