Jackie Deshannon – I Remember The Boy tab

Left handed
I Remember the Boy

Intro:  A  Asus4  A Asus2  A (repeat 4X)

               D                A
I remember the boy who held his hand in mine
           D                  A
He was the boy not looking to change my mind
                         D        Dmaj7           D7 
And let me tell you now, everyday that he’s been away
           A							     E
You know I cry all night, somehow I feel like I didn’t do right

And I can still see his face cause is deep in my memory
Ringing in my ears are all the things he once told to me
I don’t think he was putting me on when he said he just had to move on
The stars up in the sky he’s reaching for only make me love him more

And I wonder, I wonder I wonder
Will he remember me in some little town ready to settle down
Will I be there too share his pleasant dreams
       					   A   Intro
He does not know how much it means oh no

I remember the boy who’ll always be a part of me
And I can’t help but feel that he’ll often think of me


by: José Duarte
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