Jackie Deshannon – You Wont Forget Me tab

You Won't Forget Me

Intro: Bb   D#

    Bb          D#        Bb              D#                Bb  D#                 
Oh, she took my place but when you see my face you won't forget me
    Bb             D#        Bb              D#                 Bb  D#                 
And she’s your new flame but you call her my name, you won't forget me

    F                         Bb
Now this is the price you pay for your unfaithful ways
My love will haunt you
You won't forget the love, You won't forget the love 
The love I gave to you
Oh, she’s your new choice but when you hear my voice you won't forget me
And I know you miss the sweet way we kissed, you won't forget me

Instrumental verse


Oh, this was your choice but you hear my voice, you won't forget me
You won't, you won’t forget me
You won't, you won’t forget me

by: José Duarte
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