Jackie Deshannon - Where Does The Sun Go tab

Where Does The Sun Go

Intro: Gm  F  D#  Bb  D#  Bb  F  Bb

Bb             Gm     D#               Gm   Intro
Where does the sun go when it does not shine
Bb                 Gm     D#               F
And where does the sun go when itís gone a long, long time
D#                Bb              Bb7              D#
And where does my love go when he cannot rest with you
   Cm                             F                               Gm   Intro 
It makes a teardrop in my eyes, I cannot look very clearly at the sky

Bb            Gm     D#          Gm   Intro
What does the sun do on a cloudy day
Bb          Gm     D#             F
Does it get lonely when it fades away
D#         Bb            Bb7           D#
Well I get lonely when I canít be with you
         Cm                        F                             Gm   Intro
And itís right there in my mind, I know I canít be happy all the time

D#                          Bb7             Gm
Do you ever wonder, does it ever cross your mind
    D#               Bb7             Gm              D#          F
The sun is where the sky is blue and Iíll be where I can be with you

How does the sun decide whether it should shine or hide
Is it really all that free, does it have a choice like you and me
Well I decided you mean the world to me
The sun keeps hanging around the sky and Iím gonna hang around you till I die

by: Josť Duarte
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