Jackie Deshannon - Children Flowers tab

Children & Flowers

C#                      Fm
You came in riding on a white doveís wing
F#                         D#           G#
Wrapped in its beauty, you never felt a thing
C#                            Fm
No wanting, needing cause you always had
F#                           G#             C#
You think that nothing means nothingís ever bad

C# 					 Bbm
Hereís to the children and flowers who pay by the hours 
    F#            G#
And never have to win
             C#			    Bbm
Because when there is no choosing, there is no losing
    F#       G#           C#
And everyone plays in the wind

You say you are feeling things you donít understand
And tears are falling in the palms of your hand
Your little white dove now is crying too
So happy you feel love and I feel love for you

Chorus +
And everyone plays in the wind, and everyone plays in the wind

by: Josť Duarte
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