Jackie Greene – Prayer For Spanish Harlem tab

Prayer for Spanish Harlem chords and lyrics

by: Jackie Greene
transcribed by: Tony Martinez

intro: F  Bb F  Bb F  Bb  Em Dm

Verse 1:

Bb     F       Bb    F
Hot night, Spanish Harlem

Bb    F     Em       Dm
full moon, creepin low

  Bb   F       Em      D
i was standing at the bottom

Bb      F     Em   D
of your blue window

verse 2:

  Bb         F      Bb      F    
I come from miles, just to hold you

Bb       F         Em      Dm
been so long baby, how ya been

Bb        F     Em      D 
do you remember what i told you?

     Bb        F     Em          Dm
your still the same it was back then

 Bb        F   Em           F
still the same it was back then

chorus 1:

and i hope it all come easy

i hope it all feels right

a dozen different candles

 F            C
line your bed tonight

and i hope it's never over

i hope it never ends

when i go, i hope that you will

want me back again and I

Verse 3:

       Bb   F     Bb     F
cause this world,thats all around us

Bb      F    Em      Dm
is for real,tonight again

Bb       F       Em        Dm
and the hate and greed surrounds us

Bb      F    Em    Dm
theres love in my veins

   Bb    F    Bb          F
so hush now, do no more talking

   Bb        F     Em            Dm  
my heart is heavy, its a ragged stone

Bb     F      Em           Dm
all i want is you with me walkin

Bb         F    Em    Dm
because i can't walk alone

Bb         F     Em   F
because i can't walk alone

Chorus 2:

And i hope that when we go 

they'll take us some place good

We can all be kings

F                 C
in common neighborhoods

and i hope we live together

the daughter and the son

and i hope they take me in

when my work upon this earth is done

Verse 4:

Bb F         Bb        F
i wish, you loved in miles

Bb F    Em              Dm
i wish, that you would see

Bb   F     Em            Dm
how time says that love expires

    Bb   F   Em  Dm  Bb F Em    Dm
but not me, not me, not me, not me

Bb   F   Em  Dm  Bb F  Em   Dm
not me, not me, not me, not me
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