Jackie Greene - The Ballad Of Sleepy John chords

The Ballad of Sleepy John
by Jackie Greene

This is my first time doing this, didn't see chords up for this song so I thought 
I'd give it a shot. This uses an A harmonica.

intro: |F#m  |A  |D  |A | x 5

F#m A D AAny day now the sky could fall
F#m A D A And I'm not one to complain
F#m A D ABut this don't feel like no paradise at all
F#m A D ADown on the corner in the rain
F#m A D AOld Kentucky, he's a friend of mine
F#m A D AHe got them Fayette County blues
F#m A D AAin't no woman ever keep the man in line
F#m A D AAnd there ain't no woman he can refuse
E Well I stumbled in with my guitar
F#m And bought a drink behind the bar
E F#m Sat in with the band until oh two
D |D |A |A |E |E |E |E |Then I saaaaaaaaaaaaid:
F#m A D Atoo much whiskey make me tumble home
F#m A D Atoo much Jesus make me pray
F#m A D Atoo much love and Lord I feel so all alone
F#m A D Abut that's all right mama, that's OK
F#m A D ACause Sweet Serrita, she's behind the bar
F#m A D AShe's got the towel in her hand
F#m A D ALord release her, she's only twenty-four
F#m A D AAnd she's doing the best that she can
E Well I don't know, but I been told
F#mThat freedom is an open road
E F#mBut I guess it all depends on how you drive
D |D |A |A |E |E |E |E |While you're aliiiiiive
|F#m |A |D |A | x 4
F#m A D ANow people tell me I'm the Lucky One
F#m A D ABut that don't matter much to me
F#m A D A Cause I ain't nothing but my father's son
F#m A D AAnd that's all I'm ever gonna be
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