Jackopierce – September tab

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Date: Mon, 16 Oct 1995 12:53:29 -0500
From: arabella@mail.utexas.edu (Arabella Clauson)
Subject: CRD: "September" by JACKOPIERCE

Transcribed by Austin Garza (GARZAAE@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.edu)
Featured as a bonus track on AWARE 3 compilation

3 funky chords (don't know if names are right at all):

          Emadd9 (?)               D*dim(something)           G* w/o top G
E            2/3                        2                       O
B            O                          2                       O
G            O                          2                       O
D            2                          O                       O
A            2                          x                       2
E            x                          2                       3

The Emadd9 chord (Em* below), hammer on E-2 to E-3; listen to the song and
you can pick it up. The bass E-2 on the D*dim chord (D* below) is not
always played either. They screw around with some of the chord changes, but
what's below is the right basic framework.

A            G             Em*
What was the name she gave herself?
They called her September.
A          G               Em*
She wasn't known for much except
Her legs and her temper.
E                                         G
He had enough money to get a date back in his place
E                          G
She kept the lights low to avoid his face
A               G               Em*
He grabbed her arm a little too hard
He was rough when she pulled away
A           G               Em*
She started running for the stairs
He thought it was all a game
E                        G
She'd rather die than be abused again
E                              G
She broke his grip high now on adrenaline
A            G               Em*
She pulled a pistol from her purse,
Screamed the party was over.
A       G                    Em*
Not the brightest man in the world
He reached for the revolver
E                                      G
She cocked the handle back and put one into his chest
E                                           G
And watched him fall down the stairs to his final rest
She thought it best,
E                                 G
She turned off all the lights and stereo
E                                             G               G*
She sat in the morning breeze and watched the sun glow on the city below
She sang, "La-la-la...."
A            G                 Em*
What was the name she gave herself
They called her September.

#######Austin Garza##########
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