Jacks Mannequin – Bruised chords

The ending is something i added because i think it sounds better when done
correctly. So no one stress if it sounds awful, you're just not doing 
it right(; 

*CAPO 3*

CI've got my things, I'm good to go
EmYou met me at the terminal
Am F C Cmaj7Just one more plane ride and it's done.
CWe stood like statues at the gate
EmVacation's come and gone too late
Am FThere's so much sun where I'm from
C Cmaj7 C I had to give it away, had to give you away.
instrumental: C Em Am F
C Em And we spent four days on an island
AmAt your family's old hotel.
FSometimes perfection can be,
C Cmaj7 It can be perfect Hell,
FHours pass, and she still counts the minutes
CThat I am not there
FI swear I didn't mean for it to feel like this
C Cmaj7Like every inch of me is bruised, bruised.
FDon't fly fast. Oh, pilot can you help me
CCan you make this last? This plane is all I got
FSo keep it steady now, cos every inch you see is
C Cmaj7 Bruised
CI lace my Chucks I walk the aisle,
EmI take my pills, the babies cry.
AmAll I hear
FIs what's playing through the in-flight radio
CNow every word of every song
Em I've ever heard that made me
Amwant to stay
FIs what's playing through the in-flight radio
CAnd I,
Em I am
Amfinally waking up.
F (Refrain) (Bridge)
C EmSo read your books but stay out late
AmSome nights, some nights.
C Em AmAnd don't think that you can't stop by the bar.
C Em AmYou haven't shown your face here since the bad news.
C EmI'm here til close, with fingers crossed,
F G Each night cos your place isn't far.
F Cmaj7 (Csus4)And hours pass, and hours pass.
FYeah, Yeah
End one|---0~---------------|B|---0~------h2~------|G|---0~---------------|A|---2~---------------|A|---3~---------------|E|--------------------|
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