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Jacks Mannequin – Locked Doors chords

Locked Doors - Jack’s Mannequin

Verse 1:
BmOkay, take a look look look at you
AGotta match a face with a feeling
ECheck the flash, record, start the healing
F#Right now, right now
BmStop stop stop stop stop stop, start again
AIt's hard admitting you're not fitting with your old friends
EThe clock is ticking and the clicking is the only
F#thing in your head, in your head
D Bm Pieces of your love life
A ECame crashing down and breaking up
G A BmAnd locked doors aren't that hard to bust through
D GDid you stay true to what's been true to you?
E GWhen all of the wreckage settles
E GWill all of your precious medals
G Bm DSleep with you like the devil who seduced you?
G EYou better get used to waking up alone
Verse 2: “Okay, take a look, look, look at this..." Chorus
G E Bm...you better get used to waking up alone

Bm E EOh, oh, my head is screaming at me, it's screaming because
Bm A E I put my money where your mouth was, mouth was
F# F#Tastes good, does it, can’t sleep because it always was that
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