Jacks Mannequin – Dancing With A Gun chords

Dancing With A Gun - Jack’s Mannequin

Intro: B  Ebm  Abm  F#  E  F#  

Verse 1:
B Ebm Abm Wake up it's Monday afternoon
F# E F# B We're still in bed, oh what to do?
Ebm Abm You call your friends but can't get through
F# E F# Ebm And I write songs to sing for you
AbmSometimes we're stuck
EMost times we're drifting
FMost times we're drifting, but tonight let's move
E B F# Think fast we're young
E B Remember when the spotlight cracks
F# E We're dancing with a gun
B F# Your hands will shake
E B Just take another shot in the dark
Abm F# C#m Don't keep your safety on
F# Fast as it comes it's gone, but we're not through dancing
B Ebm Abm F# E
F#Dancing with a gun
Verse 2: It's five o'clock, the sidewalks fill A world so ready to break our will You stand surrounded quite a crowd Your eyes protecting a scream so loud, some looks could kill But yours, they shout, c'mon, let's shout, and don't stand still Chorus x3
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