Jacks Mannequin - Made For Each Other tab

Just thought i would get you a little closer to the right thing
i didnt have enough time to listen to the whole song though so i dont know the bridge or anything
i usually dont learn the whole song anyway
but i hope this helps you

I swim across an ocean 
It's my matress in the basement 
I'm sweatin' out excuses 
That would make your stomach turn 
The road we drove last night 
Stretched from the desert to Las Vegas 
We filled our cups, and lit one up 
The snow began to burn 

       C              Em
Oh, Oh maybe, we were made 
        F             C      Em Dm     
We were made for each other 
Ahh, is it possible for the 
Em             F       C        
World to look this way forever? 
Em Dm C Am G
Ahhh, Ahhh... 

And thats about it
have a nice day
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