Jackson Browne – Ready Or Not tab

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Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 20:59:13 EDT
From: BTSB43A@prodigy.com (MR WILLIAM L HEARN)

                              READY OR  NOT
                            JACKSON BROWNE

E                                                                  A
Someone's gonna have to explain it to me.-- I'm not sure what it

     A                                     E          C#m
 E                   B
my baby's feeling funny in the morning, she's having trouble getting
into her jeans.

   A                                 E
Her waistline seems to be expanding, although she never feels like
eating a thing;

   A                                        E            C#m      E
              B        A
I guess we'll reach some understanding when we see what the future

I met her in a crowded barroom, one of those typical Hollywood scenes;

I was doing my very best Bogart, but I was having trouble getting
into her jeans.
I punched an unemployed actor, defending her dignity;
He stood up and knocked me through that barroom door and that girl
came home with me.

        A                                    E                  C#m
Now baby's feelin' funny in the morning, she says she's got a lot on
her mind.

A                                 E
            F#                  B
Nature didn't  give any warning, now she's gonna have to leave her
wild ways behind

        A                                       E
        A                                  E

She says she doesn't care if she never spends another night running
loose on the town

                                   A                           E
                 C#m          E               B
she's gonna be a mother. Take a look in my eyes and tell me brother
if I look like I'm ready.

I told her I had always lived alone and I probably always would;
And all I wanted was my freedom and she told me that she understood.
But I let her do some of my laundry and she slipped a few meals in
the next thing I remember, she was all moved in
and I was buying her a washing machine.

Now baby's feeling funny in the morning, she says she's got a lot on
her mind.
Nature didn't give her any warning, but she's feeling better about it
all the time.
She says she's ready for some meaning after all of her running around.

Well bless my soul, she's got a rock and roll bandman thinkin' 'bout
settling down.
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