Jackson Browne – These Times Youve Come tab

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Subject: TAB: Jackson Browne-"These Times You've Come"
Date: 25 Oct 1996 23:05:59 -0400

The Times You've Come (These Times You've Come)
by Jackson Browne

Chords Used: G C D7sus4 D7 G9 EmE --3-----0-----3-------------2----1----0--------------------|B --0-----1-----1-------------1----0----0--------------------|G --0-----0-----2-------------2----3----0--------------------|D --0-----2-----0-------------0----0----2--------------------|A --x-----3--------------------------x----2------------------|E --3---------------------------------3----0-----------------|
E -------3--2--------------3--2-------------|B --------------0-----------------0---------|G ----0-----------0-----0-----------0-------|D ------------------------------------------|A ------------------------------------------|E --3-----------------3---------------------|
E -------3--2----------0--------------------|B --------------0-------1-------------------|G ----0-----------0----0--------------------|D -----------------------2------------------|A -----------------------3------------------|E --3---------------------------------------|
E -------3--2--3--2--0-----------------------|B -------------------------3--3------3-------|G ----0---------------------------0----------|D -------------------------------------------|A -------------------------------------------|E --3----------------------3--3--------------|
E --------3--2--3--2--0-------------0--------|B ---------------------------3--3------1-----|G -----0-------------------------------0-----|D --------------------------------------2----|A --------------------------------------3----|E --3------------------------3--3------------|
First Verse: G In the time we've known, C That we each are a part of one another D7sus4 G We've lost as much as we have won C G And as our lives have grown, We have found that it only brings us pain C D7sus4 Em To hang on to the things that we have done D7sus4 G Still I've loved the times you've come repeat intro 2nd Verse When you went away Taking all that I built my false road on I dropped my life and couldn't find the pieces Now you come and go, And it's hard but I feel my strength returning We'll see how far this new road reaches We'll see a little more each time we come Bridge: C D7 D7sus4 G Everybody's gonna tell you it's not worth it G9 C D7 D7sus4 Em Everybody's gotta show you their own pain C D7sus4 D7 G G9 You might try to find your way up around it C G D7sus4 But the need for love will still remain Last Verse Now we're lying here, So safe in the ruins of our pleasure Laughter marks the place where we have fallen And our lives are near So it wouldn't occur to us to wonder Is this the past or the future that is calling You know I've loved these times you've come repeat intro
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