Jackson Browne – Fuse tab

The Fuse – Jackson Browne     (Album: The Pretender)

Chord voicings:

Chord        EADGBe   EADGBe  
D/C          xx0010
Eb#5         x6544x
G/B          x20033   x20003
D            x5423x   xx0232
Em           022000
G            320003
C            032013   032010
G/D          x5543x
C(add9)      x32020
D#dim        xx1212
G/F          1x0003
Gmb5(6)      3x2320
D/F#         2x0232
Em/G         3x2000
B7/F#        201202
C/G          3x2013
C/E          0x2013  
Dsus4/F#     2x0233
D/A          x0423x
F(add9)/G    1xx213

|Em     |Em    |C      |C      |
|Em     |Em    |C      |C      |
|Em     |Em    |C      |C      |
|Em     |Em    |C      |C      |

It's coming from so far away
     C               C/D
It's hard to say for sure
        G              G/B          C
Whether what I hear is music or the wind
Through an open door
           Em              Eb#5
There's a fire high in the empty sky
          G/D   C(add9)   G
Where the sound meets the shore
There's a long distance loneliness
C                    G             D
Rolling out over the desert floor

|Em     |Em    |C      |C      |
|Em     |Em    |C      |G      |

        C                              Bm 
And the years that I spent lost in the mystery
     D#dim                              Em
Fall away leaving only the sound of the drum
Like a part of me
It speaks to the heart of me
Forget what life used to be

You are what you choose to be
                 Eb#5        D
It's whatever it is you see
                 G         Gmb5(6)
That life will become

Whatever it is you might think you have
                    Em/G        B7/F#
You have nothing to lose
Through every dead and living thing
Time runs like a fuse
        G         C  D      C/E   Dsus4/F#  G
And the fuse is   burning
        G           C  D      C/E   D7sus4/F#  G
And the earth is    turning

|Em      |Em      |C       |C       |
|Em      |Em      |C       |C       |
|Em      |Em      |C       |C       |
|Em      |Em      |C       |C       |

|Em      |Eb#5    |G/D     |C(add9) |
|G/B     |D/A     |F(add9)/G |F(add9)/G  |

           C                   Bm
Though the years give way to uncertainty
        D#dim                                    Em
And the fear of living for nothing strangles the will
There's a part of me

That speaks to the heart of me
Though sometimes it's hard to see
It's never far from me
           Eb#5        D
Alive in eternity
That nothing can kill

   Oh Lord
D/F#                             Em/G     B7/F#
Are there really people starving still?
Look out beyond the walls of Babylon
How long will their needs go unfilled
          G         C       D        C/E  D7sus4/F#  G
I want to say right now I'm going to be   a   -    round

(backgr. vocals: I'm going to be around)
          G        C   D      C/E  D7sus4/F#  G
When the walls and towers are crumbling

(backgr. vocals: When the towers are tumbling down)
           G       C  D          C/E  D7sus4/F#  G
And I will tune my spirit to the gentle         sound

(backgr. vocals: I want to hear the sound)
       G      C  D         C/E  D7sus4/F#  G
Of the waters lapping on a higher         ground

(backgr. vocals: Of the children laughing)

|G      C  D   |C/E  D7sus4/F#   G   |  (play 4 x)

|Em     |Em    |C      |C      |   (play 12 x)

Transcribed by Gerard Koot (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) – aug 2007
Email: gerardkoot@hotmail.com
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