Jackson C Frank - Relations chords

Standard tuning: EADGBe
Capo on        : fret #5
Tabbed by      : Manuel R. 

Intro: G FaddG CaddG G x 2 

G FaddG CaddG GWhy donít you cry for me Baby?
FaddG CaddG G Help me make it through FaddG CaddG G Why donít you see me lately? FaddG CaddG G Iím sad that Iím true
G G/F# Ema ddG I looked up the page and your portrait it was mine
B7Knew it was the only
Emone of its kind
C DI pulled out my money on the run
C DDid not mean to hurt any one
G FaddG CaddG GBut I got to sing it, baby
FaddG CaddG G And tell it for fun FaddG CaddG G Might as well defend the whole body FaddG CaddG G Iím in love with someone
G G/F# Ema ddG Several years of rubies and pearls at her breast
B7 Sheís a demon, sheís a demon, sheís a demon lover
Em Just like all the rest
C DOr else sheís billing out her wings
C DIn the many shades of contentment she brings
G Fadd CaddG GI got to hide it baby
FaddG CaddG G Because of you FaddG CaddG G And I hope that youíre proud now honey FaddG CaddG G Itís all I can do
G FaddG CaddG GI lit the darkness, darling
FaddG CaddG G Come and build up my mind FaddG CaddG G And I can see the likeness baby FaddG CaddG G Your pain had to find
G G/F# Ema ddG Is it any mystery how we come to fall
B7In and out of love when sympathyís so small?
C DAnd I never meaning for some tears to come
C DStill you leave your silken flings all undone
G FaddG CaddG GWhy donít you call me sugar?
FaddG CaddG G Like you used to do FaddG CaddG G I know you kisses are pure poison FaddG CaddG G Iím a-counting on you FaddG CaddG G And I know that you heads half crazy FaddG CaddG G And Iím walk crawling too FaddG CaddG G And lets make some hoops up Daisy FaddG CaddG G Iím a-counting on you FaddG: (xx3213) CaddG: (x32013) Em addG: (022003) G/F#: (220003) Questions? koso@quetevalga.com Visit: http://jacksoncfrank.wordpress.com/
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