Jackson C Frank – Jimmy Clay chords

Jackson C. Frank - Jimmy Clay

This song seems to be a bit obscure. It was originally written by Patrick Sky on his
Album "Reality is Bad Enough" and covered by Frank on the John Peel show in 68. Said
version made its way online sometime ago. It´s a great song, in my opinion one of the 
best protest songs of the vietnam era.
This version is a bit of a mixture of both versions, Jackson simplified it a bit, but I
based the lyrics off his version anyway.
I'm not sure about that weird esus7/4 (021200) chord. It´s what a chord book I have
tells me it is and it seems to fit best. Also, it´s best to play the F as a barre chord.

Tuning: Standard
Capo on the 5th fret (or 3rd in Patrick Sky´s version)

Starts in Am

Dm G Am As you walk down the street, who will follow you?
Dm G Am Six o'clock, the hour´s getting late.
Dm G Am The moon it is rising as the sticky dew
F G Am Mold is on the ground by the gate.
With your rifle on your shoulder as you walk along Listening to your boot-heels hit the sod Smoking a cigar as you hum a song Thinking of your mother, and your God
C Em Am Ah, but you're alone, Jimmy Clay
C Esus7/4 Am As you smoke your cigar and you earn your pay.
Dm G Am And fifty thousand soldiers just marching by your side
F G Am But still you're alone, Jimmy Clay.
Remember New York town, good old New York town? The friends, the drinks, the cops and all And the whores who took your money when you couldn't stand And all those roaring nights you can't recall? And remember Alice Fay, good old Alice Fay? Well, she'd been through life at least ten times around But when she said she loved you, yeah she meant it, boy Remember the night you nearly drowned? Ah, but you're alone, Jimmy Clay As you smoke your cigar and you think on yesterday Well, yesterday don't matter when its gone away Where´s it gone, Jimmy Clay? So as you lie there in the mud, who will talk to you? Nobody, Jimmy Clay For when you're gone mankind will follow after you Doesn't it, Jimmy Clay? And your face is growing moldy where they kissed your lips And said "Please die for us, Jimmy Clay" And so you died a soldier and a hero's death Congratulations, Jimmy Clay. Now you are alone, Jimmy Clay You can smoke your cigar, you have earned your pay And somewhere in the distance you can hear the fiddler play But not one note will change, Jimmy Clay Now you are alone, Jimmy Clay
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