Jackson Jackson – All Alone tab ver. 2

			     ALL ALONE - Jackson Jackson
Tabbed by: XenophobicPete
Email: petula.batou@gmail.com


Hi, this is my first tab ever... keep that in mind.

This tab is for those who are able to do barre chords and/or have a capo
and/or absolutely love Jackson Jackson.


Form these chords as u normally would, only PLACE THEM ON THE 7TH FRET and
the Bm chord on the 9TH FRET get it? (the chords you will play are not
actually named Am, Em, C, Bm... i think)

Progression: Am Em C Em Bm

Am Em C (Em) Bm e|--7--------|--7------|--7--------| |--9---------|B|----8------|--7------|----8------| |----10------|G|------9----|--7------|--7--------| |-------11---|D|------9----|------9--|------9----| |-------11---|A|--7--------|------9--|--------10-| |--9---------|E|--X--------|--7------|--X--------| |-(9)--------|
TAB: What u do is form these chords (Am, Em, C, Em, Bm) and strum only two strings... just listen to the song. Third and fifth from the bottom and than fourth and fifth... than third and fifth again.
Repeat chords Am, Em and C 4 times each and the final Em, Bm 2 times and all over again! I hope I made this tab at least a little bit understandable, enjoy it and please keep in mind that I created this tab only by listening to the song, therefore IT IS EAR-TRANSCRIBED. If you find out that my tabs are wrong I`ll be happy to correct it, let me know! Love, XenophobicPete...
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