Jackson Soulfire - When The Blood Runs Cold tab

Play the verse like this, lowest to highest starting on A

Am Fmaj7 Em/Ae|----0-------0-------0-------------------------|B|---1-1-----1-1-----0-0------------------------|G|--2---2---2---2---0---0-----------------------|D|-2-----2-3-----3-2-----0----------------------|A|0-------0-------2-------0---------------------|E|----------------------------------------------|
Am Fmaj7 Em/A I can see all the colours in my life starting to fade Am Fmaj7 Em/A I believe in the better sign that summerís on its way Am Fmaj7 Em/A Lost alone and I cannot find a reason to go on Am Fmaj7 Em/A I believe in the better road I want to travel on Am Am/F# G But time is a danger when the engine starts to go Am Am/F# G And life is a stranger When the Blood Runs Cold Break: Play verse chords once (Am Fmaj7 Em/A) Am Fmaj7 Em/A Had a dream and I set out for adventure young and fresh Am Fmaj7 Em/A Met my match on the road somewhere outside of success Am Fmaj7 Em/A Stopped the car and I dropped my keys down into the sand Am Fmaj7 Em/A Then the rain came pouring down and mud buried the man Am Am/F# G But I keep on digging deeper down this hole Am Am/F# G Lifeís for the living; fear has got to go Break: Play verse chords once (Am Fmaj7 Em/A) Am Fmaj7 Em/A I reached the point of no return and wanted to go back Am Fmaj7 Em/A I heard a voice ahead of me say take another crack Am Fmaj7 Em/A So I ripped my shirt off and I threw it to the rain Am Fmaj7 Em/A If your plan is punishment I want to feel the pain Am Am/F# G ĎCause I have a victor, I have not met defeat Am Am/F# G I have a Saviour, a God who rescues me Am Am/F# G He gives me power to break the Devilís hold Am Am/F# G And blood for the fighting even When the Blood Runs Cold Break : Play chorus chords once (Am Am/F# G) Am Am/F# G When the blood runs cold Am Am/F# G Fear has got to go (X2) Ending: Play verse chords a bunch (Am Fmaj7 Em/A) this isn't such a great tab but it gets the main points. Enjoy! email: de.matthew@gmail.com visit Jackson Soulfire at www.jacksonsoufire.com
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