Jacob Golden - Zero Integrity tab

Capo 5th  Standard Tuning.

Intro (let the note on the 3rd fret ring out a little)E|-------3--------------3-------------3------2h3----|B|------3--3----------3---3----------3-3----3---3---|G|----0-----0-------0------0-------0----0--2-----2--|D|----------------2-----------------------0---------|A|--2-----------3---------------2-------------------|E|-3---------------------------3--------------------|
Verse (for all bar the last one which is strummed as you'll be able to tell from the recording)
Pretty much that pattern until you get to the last line.Which goes:E|-----3-------2h3----------------------------|B|----3-3-----3--3----------------------------|G|---0---0---0----0---------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------|A|-2------------------------------------------|E|3-------------------------------------------|Then back again to the same pattern
The chords that are strummed in the final verse i.e. "cause you make me want to stand infertility..." Are the ones that you've been fingerpicking before so thatsE|-3---3--2-----------------------------------|B|-3---3--3-----------------------------------|G|-0---0--2-----------------------------------|D|-0---2--------------------------------------|A|-2---3--------------------------------------|E|-3---X--------------------------------------|
i.e. G C and D. Great song to play and sing. Here are the lyrics. If you want you could just strum the chords above to the song and it such as galensmith on youtube did. Have fun guys... and if you've any suggestions perhaps theres a note I've not got hidden somewhere just comment. Zero Integrity i never said that i had any answers i never claimed to be the better man i've got no integrity to cling to i don't have myself a backup plan for twenty some odd years i've made a mess of things i've lost most of the friendships that i've made and i've burned a lot of bridges and it hurts me still to say but i never intended it that way yeah i never meant to make you want to punch me out that night in Delaware outside the club cause i know you had it shitty growing up and i did too but if you forgive me i will forgive you cause you make me want to stand in my fertility a sellout doesn't value his own song and i know i messed around a lot before i fell for you but no one's ever loved you like i do no one's ever loved you like i do www.jacobgolden.com
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