Jah Cure - To Your Arms Of Love chords

my rendition of jah cure's "to your arms of love"

chords used : (  Fm  C#m  D#m A#5)
               e= 8   4    6   6
               B= 9   5    8   6
               G= 10  6    8   6
               D= 10  6    8   8
               A= 8   4    6   8
               E= X   x    x   6   

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To Your Arms Of Love - Jah Cure

intro pickings 2X Fm C#m D#m A#5e------------------------------------------------]B--9---9--------5--5-------7--7------------------]G--10----10-----6-----6----8-----8---------------]D--10----10-----6-----6----8-----8-------8---8---]A--8-----8------4-----4----6-----6---------8---8-]E-------------------------------------6----------]
uummmhhhhh ooh yeaaah ooh yeahhhh come again for you i am calling again Verse1
Fm Cm D#m A#5Baby I understand the reason why your leaving
but that doesnt make it any easier to bear I know that I play the game of a fool when I was cheating now I'm crying, Said I lost it my intensions was not clear but i was messing up with your feeling but i didn't care but I love you(but I love you) but i love you but i love you Chorus
Fm Cm D#m A#5So I cry, If you,
wont take me back to your arms of love ,So I cry ,If you, wont take me back to your arms of love. baby baby uuummh uuuuummmmmh Verse2
Fm Cm D#m A#5Sun shiny days I cant relive again(again)
When Im with with you I feel so alive forever, cause when I am down, down and out, you lift me up out my wrath cause baby I will love you until ever and ever You and I for all time Well be. uhh uhh Chorus (repeat)
Fm C#m D#m A#5e------------------------------------------------]B--9---9--------5--5-------7--7------------------]G--10----10-----6-----6----8-----8---------------]D--10----10-----6-----6----8-----8-------8---8---]A--8-----8------4-----4----6-----6---------8---8-]E-------------------------------------6----------]So I cry, If you, wont take me back to your arms of love,So I cry ,If you,wont take me back to your arms of love.baby baby
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