Jake Bugg - Fire chords

Artist: Jake Bugg
Song: Fire (Track 14 off self-titled debut album)
Tabber: Jordan Madani (www.facebook.com/jordan.madani.music)

Brilliant young lad, I expect big things from him. This is Jake Bugg's song Fire from 
his debut album 'Jake Bugg'. Chords are more or less spot on, fairly simple song!

Sounds best when played with barre chords.

Intro: G

GGirl, baby girl
CWill you come back home?
GTo me
D C7 GFor this darkest night wonít ever let her be
G EmAnd sing, fire, fire, fire
BmOh Iíll sing for you
CMy girl
GBaby blue
(Same as Verse 1) Babe, oh babe Will you love me so? When Iím to go For this darkest night wonít ever let her speak (Same as first Chorus) And sing, fire, fire, fire Oh my darling you, are blue For me Finish on G
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