Jake Coco - If I Were An Artist tab

Jake Coco - If I Were An Artist
Broken Hearts and Fairytales

Translated by Danama

------------------------------------------------- C# A E B A5 B5E----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----x-----|B----5-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----x-----|G----6-----6-----1-----8-----2-----3-----4-----|D----6-----7-----2-----9-----2-----4-----4-----|A----4-----7-----2-----9-----0-----4-----2-----|E----x-----5-----0-----7-----0-----0-----0-----| As Played By Artist--------------------------------------------------
Intro/Verse: C# And I could paint you red A Like the passion you feel E It might not be colorful B But at least it'd be real C# And I could paint you green A Like the envy you know E You're all alone and I B With nowhere to go (Belted) C# And I could paint you grey A To show how you're empty E To show how you don't care B So the world can all see --------Chorus*--------------------------------------------------- *************************** E And I could paint you clear E/F# I'd make you graceful A5 I'd make you beautiful E Cause that's what you are *************************** Strum C#, A, E, B through once C# And I could paint you taupe A Cause they say that it's soothing E But you're like a drug to me B That could use some abusing (Belted) C3 And I could paint you gold A To show you're a mourner E Would that make you honest B Would it make you sincere --------Chorus--------------------------------------------------- little sing moment over strum Strum C#, A, E, B once through Bridge: C# B5 A5 Ohh scarlet and clover, all the things we talked about C# B5 A5 Violet and green and the world in between C# B5 A5 The grey skies, your blue eyes, broken, I'm drowning you know --------Chorus--------------------------------------------------- C# And I could be clear A Yeah you could see through me E But I could be beautiful B> Just to be yours, just to be.. --------Chorus--------------------------------------------------- E And I could be clear E/F# I could be graceful A5 I swear I'd be colorful E Just to be yours Outro: Strum A5 before A5 A5 If I were an artist E> Then I could be yours Thank You Jake Coco, your awsome man!!!
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