Jake Hamilton – Supernatural Revolution chords

Verse 1
D F GI take Your presence, take Your glory to the street
D F GLaying hands on perfect strangers that i meet
D F GI carry freedom, unashamed and unafraid
D F GIt's not by works but by Your blood the price was paid
AI feel a wave of glory here that can't be stopped
Chorus (It's a)
D C F GSupernatural Revolution
D C F GYour Kingdom come is your solution
D C F GHeal the sick, Bring freedom
C AI was born to raise the dead
C AThis is what You said
(It's a)
D C F GSupernatural Revolution
D C F GYour voice cuts through the noise pollution
D C F GI hear You calling loud and clear
C Ato live and love like You
C AYou're doing something new
Verse 2
D F GWhat good is love if you don't give that love away
D F GI set You first I look to You each day
D F GYou are the standard. You are jealous, and I believe
D F GYou have called me to be holy i can't retreat
AThere's a violence in my love that can't stopped
repeat Chorus Bridge
DI can see a reformation;
CI can hear it blowing on the wind
BbI can see a reformation
Athat will never end
Bb F G AAnd it's marked by love and love alone
DWe need love
CWe need love
BbWe need love
AWe need love
Bb F G AYes we’re marked by love and love alone
Repeat Chorus this is my first attempt at posting chords. Hope it satisfies everyone! If you have any questions or corrections,
feel free to e-mail me: munylo14@gmail.com
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