Jake Owen – Journey Of Your Life chords

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Jake Owen
Journey of Your Life
Capo 4 tuned in Eb

G Em/G Cadd9 

GHe was old school and overalls
Em/GTough as nails as i recall
Cadd9Fought a war and came back home
Am DHonest as the day was long
G Em Right before my grandpa died he looked me right straight in the eyes
Cadd9 Am D GSaid here's some words to get you by To help you on the journey of your life
Cadd9You'll need a hero
DAnd a good dog
G G/F# Em/GEspecially a good dog
Cadd9A hammer and a handsaw
AmA bandaid now and then
B/Cadd9Hammer onCadd9 DYou'll need a home to come home to
G G/F# Em/GSon we all need a refuge
Cadd9On the straight and narrow path
Am DYou need to learn to bend
B hammer on Cadd9 DGet a good square keep it level
G G/F# Em/GHave grace to face the devil
Cadd9You need an angel flying by your side
Am D GOn the journey of your life
b hammer on Cadd9 B/Cadd9Ride the wind 'til we meet again
Cadd9 DOn the other side of life
Cadd9 DYou'll need some good luck and a Bible
G G/F# Em/GEspecially a Bible
Cadd9A lot of faith in god above
Am DAnd a woman you can love
B hammer on Cadd9 DYou'll need a good song that you can sing on
G G/F# Em/GAnd a shoulder you and lean on
Cadd9 DAnd you gotta draw the line sometimes when push comes to shove
Cadd9 DYou'll need to lose some to be a winner
G G/F# Em/GAnd have courage to surrender
Cadd9 AmLaugh a lot and keep it light
D GOn the journey of your life
Cadd9 Em/G Cadd9 D
Cadd9 DAnd no matter what dreams you're chasing
G G/F# Em/GNever get above your raisin
Cadd9 AmMay the simple things be amazing
D GOn the journey of your life
Cadd9 AmHe said I'll be an angel flying by your side
D GOn the journey of your life
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