Jake Owen – Wide Awake chords

Capo 1

(G C) x2

(G) Girl I know it's late for me to be callin'
(C) But what else was I gonna do
(D) I woke up with a heart full of love
(C) And no one around to give (G) it to

(G) It's just me here staring up at the ceiling
(C) Feelin' like a watch that's been wound too tight
(D) Nothin' but the sound of the box cars rumblin'
And the (C) sirens screamin'
In the (D) middle of the night

And I'm (C) wide awake (D) thinkin' bout you baby
(C) I'm wide awake (D) and I'm goin' crazy
(C) I'm wide (D) awake
Now honey how about you? (G C)

(G) Don't ya ever feel like this 'ol rock we're ridin'
(C) Is only turnin' to wear you down
(D) And don't you wish that you had someone there
To (C) wrap your lovin' (D) arms around

Chorus x3
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