Jake Owen – Anywhere With You chords ver. 2

Capo 3

DIf your dream house
Bm AIs a double-wide trailer sitting back in the holler on a country road
GThen baby that's where we'll go
DIf you don't wanna settle down
Bm AWe can bounce around from town to town and that's fine with me
Gai If you wanna just ride the breeze|u Chorus:
D GI'll go anywhere
D GWest Virginia baby I don't care
D GMexico on a wild hair
Bm AHave you ever seen California
D GPick a spot on any old map
D GI travel light and my bags are packed
D GJust as long as I'm where you're at
Bm A I'm gonna have a real good view
G A D G I'll go anywhere, anywhere with you
I'll bet there's a two lane Running right through the middle of a wide open desert to a ghost town If you wanna just hide out We could send a post card back From a mountain top out in Idaho, maybe get snowed in Anytime baby you say when Chorus Chorus
A Girl I'll swear
GJust say the word
AI'll take you there
G A D G DAww anywhere, anywhere with you
G D GYeah I'll go anywhere with you
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