Jakob Dylan - I Told You I Couldnt Stop tab

ďI Told You I Couldnít StopĒ guitar tabs

Hey guys,
Hereís another Jakob Dylan song for all of you off of his new CD Seeing Things. I was
able to figure out the cleaver leads and riffs that he bases this song off of but there
still some chord progressions in between the chorus that I did not have a chance to get 
to. If anyone knows of these chords please post them so we can all learn them. Thanks
lot guys,
Mike Lisnek

In my minds eye a plantation
In the clearing is a platform station
In the distance is a kingdom
Into the frontline is how Iím coming
They say in war all is fair
I am headed to the field
In spite of my condition
Whatever you thought
Whatever you thought
You know I told you
That I couldnít stop
Whatever you thought
Whatever you thought
You know I told you
That I couldnít stop

Through the desert out to the sea
Weather beaten through all four seasons
There is love in my creation
Iíve come back for all the right reasons
That ainít your castle
Youíre not a queen
That isnít yours
Youíre so busy there protecting


All this beautyís sticky sweet
This naughty world is due for a good deed
Give me your poor tired huddled masses
Bring the head of a mule and my glasses
Sing that lonesome high melody
Rumble young man but rumble behind me

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