Jakob Dylan - Will It Grow tab

Will it Grow Guitar Tabs
Capo 4th fret
This song took me a long time to do but it was worth it. This is a beautiful song and
enjoyed learning its progressions and solos. Please, if anyone has any tabs for any other
Dylan songs please post them. This is one of the best CD’s I’ve heard in a while and am 
forward to playing these new masterpieces. Make sure you pick these chords while
play. It would help to listen to the song as you play. You can go to his myspace page to 
or simply look up the songs on itunes.
Mike Lisnek

(Intro- intro riff, Am riff, solo before 1st verse)
1st verse
Am        C         F       Fmaj7
I made a promise to not let go
            C                   C/G        F
Our tug of war has only made me want you more
C          C/G            F        Fmaj7
Steeped in hard luck and doomed to roam
             F              Am riff
My love is braver than you know

2nd verse
My forefathers they worked this land
And I was schooled in the tyranny of nature’s plans
Dressed in thunder a cloud came round
In the shape of a lion a hand came down

F           C
Damn this valley
F           C
Damn this cold
C       C/G      F      Am
Take so long to let me know
        F       C        F        C
It’s plant and reap and plow and sow
C                    Am7 or B7*
But tell me will it grow

(intro riff x2)
(mini solo)

3rd verse
Dig my ditches in the golden sun
I’d be robbing these trains if I could catch me one
Sunday Monday now Tuesday’s gone
Got me stone cold sober in a drought so long
Boarded mansions and ghost filled yards
There’s a boy in a water tower counting cars
Steel traps open and empty stalls
There’s a well worn saddle but the horse is gone

(intro riff x2)
(Solo 2)
4th verse
Jet black starlit midnight rolls
I am down in the garden where I let go
Here on the surface the earth looks round
But it’s a godless city of cold flat ground

(End the song on the intro riff)

KEYIntro riff (x2)F-----------------------I---------------|----1-0/1------3---5---I--1---1---1----|---------2----4-4---5--I------2--------|----------3--5----7--7-I---------------|-0---0-----------------I-0-0-3-3/2-2---|-----------------------I------------3--|
Am riff (x4)------------|--1-0/1-----|-------2----|--------2---|-0-0-----0--|------------|
Solo before 1st verse--5/3/0-----------|-------3/5/3-0----|--------------5---|------------------|------------------|------------------|
Verses Pick these chords switching off between your thumb and your middle finger
Am C F Fmaj7 C C/G F-------------I------------|-1--1--1--1--I-1--1--1----|-2--0--2--2--I-0--0--2----|-2--2--3--3--I-2--0--3----|----3-----3--I-3--2--0----|-------------I----3-------|
*At this part you can use either Am7 or B7. Try them both and see what you think! Am7--5----5----5----5----7----5--
Mini solo (# - slide)(^ - bend and vibrate)(/ - hammer on)----3--------------------------------------|-3#5-3^-1-1—---------------------0-3-0-----|------------0/2---0/2---0/2---0-2------2-0-|---------------5-2---5-2---5-2-------------|-------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------|
Solo 2Pick these chords over the solo (repeat a bunch of times)(The “note” should overlap with the bold 3 when it is played)F, C, C/G, note------3-----------------------|-5-3-1---1-1-----1-1--0-0-1-1-|------------2-------2---------|--------3-3—-3--3-3--3-3-3----|------------------------------|------------------------------|
After solo 2 he decides to play the Am a little differently (more country) (strum up and down, each time the Am is played it gets two strums- 1 up, 1 down)
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