Jakob Dylan - Evil Is Alive And Well tab version 1


Evil is Alive and Well:  Jakob Dylan

Tabbed by: James

Tuning: Drop D

Capo on 5th

This is what I have gathered from his live performances. The only two chords you 
need to know (structure wise) are D and G. 
He plays around with the finger picking a little, but this is pretty much the basic pattern. 
Feel free, of course, to mix it up as you go through the song.

Repeats through entire song:

Well it doesnt always have a shapee|-----------------------------------------------------------|B|------3-------------------------0-----------------0--------|G|---------2---------------0---------0-----------0-----------|D|------------0---------0---------------0--------------------|A|-----------------2-----------------------------------------|D|---0-------------------------5------------3----------------|
Evil is alive Evil is welle|-----------------------------------------------------------|B|------3-------------------------0-----------------0--------|G|---------2---------------0---------0-----------0-----------|D|------------0---------0---------------0--------------------|A|-----------------2-----------------------------------------|D|---0-------------------------5------------3----------------|
Well it doesnt always have a shape Almost never does it have a name It maybe has a pitchfork maybe has a tail But evil is alive and well It might walk upright from out of the inferno May be coming horseback through deep snow It's ragged and fat hungry as hell Evil is alive and well Evil is alive Evil is well Evil is alive Evil is well On your feet to the tower and yell Evil is alive and well May be too humble to want to speak May have a blood soaked bird in it's teeth Smoked filled skies and bees in the well Evil is alive and well Maybe in a palace it may be in the streets May be here among us on a crowded beach May be asleep in a roadside motel But evil is alive and well Evil is alive Evil is well Evil is alive Evil is well On your feet to the tower and yell Evil is alive and well Its well Down in every ditch Up on every hill It's well I've got my radio on Drowning the bells When midnights done and the day wont start And All I ever gave you was a broken heart It's hard to admit but it's easy to tell That evil is alive and well ************************************ For help, check out the beginning of this live performance: http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=s8S4clpqZx8 ************************************
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