Jal - Har Jaga Hai Jal tab

really easy...basically 2 chords played thru out...with the same lead part messed
around with jus a little bit..chek it out:

guitar 1:

fig. 1 ___e|------0---------5----| \B|----7---7---7-----7--| |G|--4-------4---4------| (2x) |D|---------------------| |A|---------------------| |E|---------------------| |
| this is all played twice...fig. 2 | but the second time... fig. 2 changese|------0---------5----| | to fig. 3 belowB|----7---7---7-----7--| (2x) |G|--5-------5---5------| |D|---------------------| |A|---------------------| |E|---------------------| __/
fig. 3
e|------0---------5----| e|------5-------5------|B|----7---7---7-----7--| B|----7---7---7---7----|G|--5-------5---5------| G|--5-------5----------|D|---------------------| D|---------------------|A|---------------------| A|---------------------|E|---------------------| E|---------------------|
guitar 2: (same thru out song)
e|--x---------------x--|B|--x---------------x--|G|--x---------------x--|D|--9---------------5--| strummin pattern is same as tht of teri yaadA|--7---------------3--|E|--x---------------x--| bhooloon... pal... manzil... chal...
an alternate way to play the above 2 chords is with the 'E' string open... givin it more bass....both sound pretty gud then in the outro...it's the same thing as in the intro of teri yaad...except now it's on an electric:
- AyeN
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