Jam – Batman Theme tab

15th September 2000, 4.39pm
Shaun Hand, Birmingham

(Neal Hefti)

From the LP 'In The City'

N.C. (G)--------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------| 'THE G BIT'--------------------------|--------------------------|--5--5--4--4--3--3--4--4--|
N.C. (C)--------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------| 'THE C BIT'--------------------------|--5--5--4--4--3--3--4--4--|--------------------------|
N.C. (D)--------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------| 'THE D BIT'--------------------------|--7--7--6--6--5--5--6--6--|--------------------------|
INTRO: THE G BIT x4 VERSE: THE G BIT x4 ('Batman') THE C BIT x2 ('Batman') THE D BIT x1 ('Batman') THE C BIT x1 ('Batman') THE G BIT x2 ('Batman') REPEAT VERSE (x2) THE G BIT x4 ('nu-nu-nu...) G (Play chord) ('Batman') (feedback for 4 bars) THE G BIT x4 ('Batman') x4 and fade out. Well, I have to fill up my day off college somehow...
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