Jam – See Saw tab


Written by Paul Weller

B-side to 'The Eton Rifles'
 and on Disc 2 of 'Direction, Reaction, Creation' box set

Chords used:

D5: xx023x and x577xxD: x5777xA: 577655Bm: 799777Asus4: 5x7755C#5: 9-11-11-xxx---|F#5: x-9-11-11-xxx-|
B5: 799xxxE5: x799xxB: 799877C: 8-10-10-9-8-8
D5--------------|--------------|--|--3--------3--|-----3----3-3-|--|--2--2--2--2--|--2--2--2-2-2-|--| (x2)--0--0--0--0--|--0--0--0-0-0-|--|--------------|--------------|--|--------------|--------------|--|
Fig.2: (w/fig.1 underneath) D A Bm D Bm D Asus4 A D A--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|-----5--------|--|--7--7--7--5--|--7--7--7--7--|--7--7--7--7--|-----5-----5--|--7--5--------|--|--7--7--7--6--|--7--7--7--7--|--7--7--7--7--|-----7-----6--|--7--6--------|--|--7--7--7--7--|--9--9--9--7--|--9--9--9--7--|-----7-----7--|--7--7--------|--|--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|--5--7--------|--|--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|-----5--------|--|
Fig.3: (w/fig.2 underneath) D A Bm D Bm D Asus4 A D A-10-----------|--------------|--------------|--------------|-----5--------|--|----10--------|-12-----------|-12-----------|--------------|--7--5--------|--|--------------|----11--------|----11--9-----|--------------|--7--6--------|--|--------------|--------------|-----------11-|-12-11--------|--7--7--------|--|--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|--5--7--------|--|--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|-----5--------|--|
Bm A G F#m--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|--|--------7-----|--------5-----|--------3-----|--------2-----|--|-----7-----7--|-----6-----6--|-----4-----4--|-----2-----2--|--|--9-----------|--7-----------|--5-----------|--4-----------|--|--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|--|--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|--|
D A Bm D See saw, up and down Bm D Asus4 A D A Around and round we go D A Bm D Too late we're out on the rink Bm D Asus4 A D A Our love's in the sink once more. C#5 F#5 And when I'm walking down a rainy street B5 E5 I think I hear you coming up to me A5 D5 E5 Asus4 A D A But it's just an echo I've arranged to meet D A Bm D Freefall, we're out of control Bm D Asus4 A D A We never will know what went wrong D A Bm D Too bad, what we had for a while Bm D Asus4 A D A Has gone out of style this year C#5 F#5 Your friends told me you moved out of town B5 E5 I got your address and I wrote it down A5 D5 E5 I used the pen that you bought for my birthday B C And every suit you know reminded me of you B C Asus4 A D A I realised that we'd never be together again D A Bm D Bm D Asus4 A D A D5 (fig.1) Wait a while, reclaim your loss But it costs a lot your love D A Bm D Take five, your heels in time (this verse Bm D Asus4 A with fig.3) You'll feel just fine they say D A But I'm feeling D A Bm D See saw, in a way I'm glad Bm D Asus4 A D A Though I still feel sad about you C#5 F#5 I know it's too late for changing minds B5 E5 And I'm still not sure I wanna change mine A5 D5 It's just a tiny part that sits there E5 Asus4 A D A This ain't right (?) D A Bm D See saw, up and down Bm D Around and round Bm D They say heels in time Bm D They say you'll feel just fine Bm D In a way I'm glad Bm D Though I still feel sad Bm A D About losing you Bm A D 'Bout losing you Bm A D 'Bout losing you Bm A G F#m D 'Bout losing you once more
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