Jam – News Of The World tab ver. 2

Band: The Jam
Song: News of the World
Tabber: Andrew Biles

Standard Tuning.
This sounds best using powerchords (with the E being an octave up).
Riffs 2 and 3 are tabbed out at the bottom of the page.

D A "Power pop"
riff 1|----------------------||----------------------||-x-x-x--x--x-x-12-x---||-x-x-12-14-x-x-x--14--||----------------------||----------------------|
E C D E C D Read about the things that happen throughout the world E C D E C D Don't be believe in everything you see or hear C D (riff 2) The neighbours talk day in day out about the goings on C D (riff 2) They tell us what they want - they don't give an inch *Open E (2 bars) E C D E C D Look at the pictures taken by the cameras they cannot lie E C D E C D The truth is in what you see - not what you read C D (riff 2) Little men tapping things out - points of view C D (riff 2) Remember their views are not the gospel truth *Open E + pick scrapes (4 bars) G A E Don't believe it all G A E Find out for yourself G A E Check before you spread G A (riff 1) News of the world G A (riff 1) News of the world *Solo (over verse chord sequence - substitute riff 2 for E) (riff 3 - ending 1) Never doubt Never ask Never moan (riff 3 - ending 2) Never search Never find Never know D E News of the world G A (riff 1) News of the world E C D E C D Each morning our key to the world comes through the door E C D E C D More than often its just a comic, not much more C D (riff 2) Don't take it too serious - not many do C D (riff 2) Read between the lines and you'll find the truth (Intro riff) Read all about it, read all about it - news of the world (Intro riff) Read all about it, read all about it - news of the world
riff 2|-------------------------||-10^p8---8---10^p8---8---||-------9-----------9-----||-------------------------||-------------------------||-------------------------|
riff 3 ending 1 ending 2|------------------------------------|-------------|-------------||-------9^----------7^----------5^---|-------------|-------5^----||-9-9-9----9--7-7-7----7--5-5-5----5-|-5----5/7-7--|-5-5-5----5--||------------------------------------|-5--5-5/7-7--|-------------||------------------------------------|-3--3-3/5-5--|-------------||------------------------------------|-------------|-------------|
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