Jam - Town Called Malice tab version 2

Town Called Malice
The Jam
The Gift

Saw a lot of half-baked tabs for this, figured it out myself, and put this together.

Standard Tuning

Chords: F#m Em G A FmE|--9---7--10--5--8---|B|--10--8--12--5--9---|G|--11--9--12--6--10--|D|--11--9--12--7--10--|A|--9---7--10--7--8---|E|-------------5------|
Whenever you strum the F#m, Em, or G chords, use these suspensions:(Except in the bridge, where you only strike the chord once at a time) F#m (sus4)<--just the name of the suspension, not included w/lyrics belowE|--9--9--9--9-9--9--9--9---|B|--10-10-10-1212-12-10-10--|G|--11-11-11-9-9--9--11-11--|D|--11-11-11-1111-11-11-11--|A|--9--9--9--9-9--9--9--9---|E|--------------------------|
Em (sus4)E|--7-7-7-7-7--7--7-7--|B|--8-8-8-1010-10-8-8--|G|--9-9-9-7-7--7--9-9--|D|--9-9-9-9-9--9--9-9--|A|--7-7-7-7-7--7--7-7--|E|---------------------|
G (sus#4)E|--10-10-10-1010-10-10-10--|B|--12-12-12-1414-14-12-12--|G|--12-12-12-1010-10-12-12--|D|--12-12-12-1212-12-12-12--|A|--10-10-10-1010-10-10-10--|E|--------------------------|
D riff (intro/main riff)E|-----------------------|B|--7-7-7--7-77h8-8-8p7--|G|--7-7-7--7-77-7-7-7-7--|D|--7-7-7--7-77h9-9-9p7--|A|-----------------------|E|-----------------------|(repeat ad nauseum)
A riffE|------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------------------|A|--0-7-7p5p0-0~-7-7p5p0-0-7-7p5p0-0-7-----5---5~-|E|-------------------------------------5h7---7----| |__________| also outro over D riff
Verse: F#m Em Better stop dreaming of the quiet life cos it's the one we'll never know F#m Em And quit running for that runaway bus cos those rosey days are few G F#m And stop apologising for the things you never done A riff Time is short and life is cruel D riff But it's up to us to change this town called malice. F#m Em Rows and rows of disused milk-floats stand dying in the dairy yard F#m Em And a hundred lonely housewives clutch empty milk bottles to their hearts G F#m Hanging out their old love letters on the line to dry A riff It's enough to make you stop believing when tears come fast and furious D riff In a town called malice, yeah F#m Em Ba ba ba ba bada ba, ba baba bada ba (x2) G F#m Struggle after struggle, year after year A riff The atmosphere's a fine blend of ice D riff I'm almost stone cold dead in a town called malice (Bridge) F#m (once) F#m-Fm-Em (once) Em-Fm A whole streets belief in Sunday's roast beef F#m (once) F#m-Fm-Em (once) Gets dashed against the Co-Op A To either cut down on beer or the kids new gear D riff It's a big decision in a town called malice F#m Em Ghost of a steam train echoes down my track F#m Em It's at the moment bound for nowhere just going round and round G F#m Playground kids and creaking swings, lost laughter in the breeze A riff I could go on for hours and I probably will but, D riff I'd sooner put some joy back in this town called malice. Outro/D riff Town called malice Oooh yeah, town called malice etc.
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