Jam – Takin My Love tab

26th December 2000, 7.41pm

(Paul Weller)

Chords used:

A:  577655
D:  x5777x
E:  x7999x
C:  x3555x

Riff 1:

A (w/riff 1 x4) A (riff 1) Well come on pretty baby you know what I like now A (riff 1) You're shakin' all over and it's feeling alright now E You're rockin' and rollin' and I don't know what to say D (tacet) A But daddy's little cat's gonna rock all day A (riff 1) Well come on pretty woman you know what I need now, A (riff 1) Try and stop me, oh what's it gonna be, babe. E Yeh, I'm gonna rock it right to the end, D (tacet) The beat's just screaming right through your head. A D You're shakin' my heart, you're shakin' my soul - A C I just go crazy when you rock-n-roll D A C There you go takin' my love from me D A E There you go takin' my love from me
Guitar: A D--------------|-----------5--|--------------|-----------5--|---------------------|---------------|-----5-----5--|-----------5--|-----5-----5--|-----------5--|-----------7^--------|--7^--------7--|--------7-----|--7^-7-----6--|--------7-----|--7^-7-----6--|--7--7--9------9--7--|------9--7--7--|--7-----------|--------7--7--|--5-----------|--------7--7--|---------------------|---------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|---------------------|---------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|---------------------|---------------|
A E D A-----|--------------|-----------5--|-----------------|-----------------|--------------|--0--|-----5-----5--|-----------5--|-----------------|--7^-7-----7-----|-----5-----5--|--0--|--------7-----|--7^-7-----6--|--9--9--9--9--9--|--------9-----9--|--------7-----|-----|--7-----------|--------7--7--|--9--9--9--9--9--|-----------------|--7-----------|-----|--------------|--------------|--7--7--7--7--7--|-----------------|--------------|-----|--------------|--------------|-----------------|-----------------|--------------|
A (riff 1) Drive you home my country rose now A (riff 1) Hold you tight never let you go now E Kissing and a-huggin' outside your door D (tacet) Til your pa sees and wants no more D Shakin' my heart, shakin' my soul, A C I just go crazy when you rock and roll, babe, D A C There you go, takin' my love from me. D A E There you go, takin' my love from me. A (repeat all of guitar solo except the last bar then play:)
-----------5--| --5--5--| --5-- --5\--|-----------5--| --5--5--| --5-- hold for two bars with --5\--|--7^-7-----6--| --6--6--| --6-- feedback then... --6\--|--------7--7--|then --7--7--| (x5) --7-- --7\--|-----------7--| --7--7--| --7-- --7\--|-----------5--| --5--5--| --5-- --5\--|
Hope all of this makes some sense to ya!
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