Jam – Non Stop Dancing tab

27th December 2000, 9.53pm

(Paul Weller)

Chords used:

G: 355433 Bm: 799777C: 8-10-10-9-8-8 Bb: 688766-|D: 10-12-12-11-10-10 F: 133211-|G#m: 466444Am: 577555
G D G Non-stop dancing, truly out on the floor, C Non-stop moving, baby baby, G Still you scream out for more, D We don't care if it's rain or shine, C Because everything's fine inside, G D When we're dancing, non-stop dancing. G I tell ya non-stop love, with my girl by my side, C Everything's just cool now, baby baby, G She's the sweetest thing I know, D I don't even mind guys trying to compete, C I know our love's as strong as the beat, G D When we're dancing, non-stop dancing. G Oh! G G#m Am Bm (Woah-hoah-hoah) And people say we're wasting time, D G They don't seem to understand, woah no, no, G G#m Am Bm (Woah-hoah-hoah) Cos when you're dancing all night long, C D It gives you the feeling that you belong, G I say non-stop dancing, I'm truly out-a of my head, C But I ain't sleepy, baby baby, G You see the dance-style is my bed, D Now things are really getting wild, C The kids are screaming for that James Brown style, G D When we're dancing, non-stop dancing Yeah! Come on! G C G D C G (guitar solo) Bb C F G
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