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Man in the Corner Shop


D Bm G-2--0--------------------------3--2--0------3-----3--2--0--------0--2--3--0--------3---2-----------------4-----------0------------0--------------4--------------0-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
A ----0-----------0--
-0--2--0--2--3----- (repeats)----2------------------2----------------------------------------------------
B Abm F#7 Puts up the 'Closed' sign does the man in the corner shop B G#m F#7 Serves his last and says goodbye to him E A He knows it is a hard life C#m F#m but its nice to be your own boss really D Bm Walks off home does the last customer D Bm He is jealous of the man in the corner shop D Bm He is sick of struggling so hard G A Says it must be nice to own a factory (With intro tab) D Bm G A La la la la la La la la la la The rest of the song uses these chord progressions at different points. Let me know if you're a Jam fan and you're alive. Mark Schnitzius schnitzi@eola.cs.ucf.edu University of Central Florida
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