Jamaica - I Think I Like U2 tab

Check out the tune by listening to the original
The solo part will come soon...

Riff C Eb° FmE-3-3---5-5---4-4-|B-5-5---7-7---6-6-|G-5-5---8-8---5-5-|D-----------------|A-----------------|E-----------------|
Chorus Eb Bb Gm FE------6-6--3-3--1-1-------|B------6-6--3-3--1-1-------|G-8-8--7-7--3-3--2-2-------|D-8-8--8-8--5-5--3-3-------|A-6-6--8-8--5-5--3-3-------|E------6-6--3-5--1-1-------|
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