James Arthur – Certain Things chords

A F#m E 

A Something about you
It's like a addiction
F#m EHit me with your best shot honey
AI've got no reason to doubt you
F#m 'Cause certain things hurt
EAnd you're my only virtue
And I'm virtually yours [Pre-Chorus:]
DAnd you keep coming back, coming back again
F#m EKeep running round, running round, running round my head
AAnd there's certain things that I adore
F#m And there's certain things that I ignore
E But I'm certain that I'm yours
ECertain that I'm yours
DCertain that I'm yours
AThere's something about you
It's when you get angry
F#m EYou have me at your mercy
AAnd you're like a shoulder to turn to
F#m If some things burn that's when we're hanging on for dear life
EWe held on so tight
[Pre-Chorus:] [Chorus x2:]
A F#m D repeats, ending with D then A I adore you... I adore you...
Certain that I'm yours
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