James Blunt – If Time Is All I Have chords ver. 3

Capo on 1

Am When you wake up
G G7Turn the radio on
F7And you'll hear this simple song
That I made up
F Asus2 That I made up for you
Am When you're driving
G G7Turn the radio up
F7Cause I can't sing loud enough
Hard these days
Esus4 ETo get my message through
C C7 C9 FIf time is all I have
G7 CI'll waste it all on you
C7 C9 F Each day I'll turn it back
G7 AmIt's what the broken-hearted do
C I'm tired of talking to an empty space
F DmOf silences keeping me awake
AmWhen you marry
G G7And you look around
F7I'll be somewhere in that crowd
F Asus2Torn up, that it isn't me
AmWhen you're older
G G7The memories fade
F7 But I know I'll still feel the same
Esus4 EFor as long as I live
C FWon't you say my name, one time
C FPlease just say my name
**Chorus** 2x
C FWon't you say my name
G Am When the song is o-o-o-o-o-o-o ver.
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