James Brown - Licking Stick tab

James Brown: "Licking Stick".
 Tabbed by Zack, zack200x@yahoo.com.
Here's another JB classic:

           James Brown: Licking Stick
         words & music by Brown/Ellis/Byrd
                  Dynatone (1969)


-rhythm pattern throughout whole song:
w/ clean guitar

      D#9 F9        D#9      D#9   D#9   D#9

d u dE :----6/8\6-------6-6-6-----6-6--6--6--6-6---|B :----6/8\6-------6-6-6-----6-6--6--6--6-6---|G :----6/8\6-------6-6-6-----6-6--6--6--6-6---|D :----5/7\5-------5-5-5-----5-5--5--5--5-5---|A :-------------------------------------------|E :-------------------------------------------|
-song structure: intro: play 2x rhythm pattern chorus verse 1 chorus verse 2 and 3 chorus (fade out) ***************Enjoy!*************** :: Ultimate Guitar Archive :: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com
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