James Brown – Papas Got A Brand New Bag tab ver. 2

James Brown
Papa's Got A Brand New Bag

I don't know the tuning but I think its a bit higher than 
standard, but here it is.

Notes: -Through out the entire song the chords are played
        one at a time and then a pause, so it is
        chord-pause-chord-pause and so on. The only part
        that isn't is the end part of the verse.
       -Also all of the chords in the first part of the 
        verse are "Fret Hand Muted"
        For Beginning Guitarists, Basically right after you 
        play the chord just lift your fingers off the fret 
        just enough to stop the note vibration.  

____ Verse / Also there is no e|--6--6-|------------------6--6--6--6--4--4--2----------| pause here.B|--6--6-|--9----9---9---9--6--6--6--6--3--3--1----------|G|--6--6-|--11--11--11--11--6--6--6--6--3--3--1----------|D|--5--5-|--10--10--10--10--5--5--5--5-------------------|A|-------|--11--11--11--11-------------------------------|E|-------|-----------------------------------------------|
\ \____Play This Chord As Many Times As Necessary I Did Not Want To Tab It Each Time As The Chord Takes Up The Majority Of The Song ___ / The last time played is fret hand muted.e|--6-----6----13----------------------------------------|B|--6-----6----13----------------------------------------|G|--6-x14-6----13----------------------------------------|D|--5-----5----12----------------------------------------|A|--6-----6----13----------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------|
e|--6-| After Last Verse This Chord Is Played ThroughB|--6-| The Whole OutroG|--6-|D|--5-|A|----|E|----|
Well That's It I Think, Any Comments Or Suggestions, Let Me Know
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