James Dean Bradfield – See A Friend In Tears tab

Nice little tune, originally by Jacques Brel.
Just the chords, the picking's not too difficult,
apart from the very beginning, which is very
pretty indeed. Chord table at the bottom:

G Em So men are still at war in this land G Cadd9 For certain songs and certain dates Am7 D The tender gave way to the firebrand Cadd9 B7 And Europe gave way to the States G Em So now that money's all but scentless F Cadd9 Noses and consciences are clear Am7 D The pointless flowers can be dispensed with G To see a friend in tears G/F# Em So our defeats are just reminders Em/D Cadd9 Of death that waits behind it all Am7 D The body wilts before the mind does Cadd9 B7 Surprised to see how soon it falls G Em It's true our women have deceived us F Cadd9 All hunted species disappear Am7 D It's true we've shot the golden eagles G To see a friend in tears It's true our cities are exhausted Made by and for the middle aged Our weakness gave them more than force did We thought that love could cure a toothache And in the underground we're drowning Accelerating through the years You think you'll find the truth by frowning To see a friend in tears It's true our mirrors don't show heroes We lack the courage to be Jews Without the elegance of Africa With our youthful fireworks all defused And all these men who are our brothers Wonder why we don't want to hear How their worst enemies are their lovers To see a friend in tears
G Em C Am7 D B7 F G/F#e-3-0--0-0---2-2--1-3-----|B-0-0--3-1---3-0--1-0-----|G-0-0--0-0---2-2--2-0-----|D-0-2--2-2---0-1--3-0-----|A-2-2--3-0---0-2--3-0-----|E-3-0--0-0--------1-2-----|
There's a little run here and there, say from Cadd9 to Am7, but these are the basics. Enjoy. Tabbed by Ben Jones, for study purposes only etc etc. Mail me at ben (at) everfeltlost.co.uk .
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