James Kochalka - Monkey Vs Robot tab

Im pretty sure this is right, I really only tabbed it cause its a funny song.

Drop D Tuning

Intro:e |--------------------------------| |B |--------------------------------|.|G |-----7--7--7----5---------------| |D |-----7--7--7----5--0--5--3------| |A |-----5--5--5----3--0--5--3------|.|E |-------------------0--5--3------| |
Verse:e |----------------------------------| B |----------------------------------| G |----7--7--7--7--5-----------------| D |----7--7--7--7--5---0---5--3------| A |----5--5--5--5--3---0---5--3------| E |--------------------0---5--3------| Monkey play in the jungle . . .
Chorus:e |----------------------------------------|B |----------------------------------------|G |----7---7--------9--9----12--12--7------|D |----7---7--------9--9----12--12--7------|A |----5---5--------7--7----10--10--5------|E |----------------------------------------| Monkeeeeyyyy Versus Roooooooboot
listening to the song will help you pick it up, it is a pretty easy song to play.
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