James Mcmurtry - Lost In The Backyard chords

Song: Lost In The Backyard
Artist: James McMurtry
Album: Where'd You Hide The Body
Year: 1995

James McMurtry is a very underrated songwriter, and this is one of my favorite songs off 
of the "Where'd You Hide The Body" album (which I highly recommend)
You'll definatly need to listen to the song to get the timing on the lyrics correct (the 
chorus is tricky)
Have fun, this is a great song to play and sing at parties or around campfires or 
something haha

Verse 1:
DYou said this is the last time
GA few times ago
DOnce more its happened
AThats all in the world I know
Pre-Chorus 1:
DI still hear the echo
GWhen you hung up the phone
DI feel like I'm lost in the backyard
A DJust tryin' to get home
Verse 2: I woke up in a strange world I can aptly describe Like the streets of a town where I lived When I was too young to drive Pre-Chorus 2: It all looked so familiar But I can't find my way I must have got lost in the backyard When I went out to play Chorus:
ADon't open my eyes
DTo nothin' like truth
GJust leave it all lost in the wind
D ALet it hide in the blindness of youth
DFacts of the matter
GMost likely will always remain
DI guess I'll be lost in the backyard
A DTill I get home again
-Guitar solo- (I usually just improv) Chorus 2: Don't open my eyes To nothin' like truth Just leave it all lost in the wind Let it hide in the blindness of youth Facts of the matter Most likely will always remain I'll probably be lost in the backyard Till I get home again
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