Up chords with lyrics by James Morrison - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

James Morrison – Up chords

This is the new song from the album '' The Awakening '' By James Morrison,'' Up ''.

I'll show you how the chord's goes trough the song.

Intro :
Bm - Bminor - cadd9 - E7

Verse :

Bm Bminor Cadd9 Can i find you when you'r allways
E7hiding from yourself .. osv.
Ref : Build up for ref goes like :
Gits never to late to turn
Bmit back around.
Yeah i know you can.
GThe only way is
Bm-Bminor-G-DUp, Up, Up
The only way is
Bm-Bminor-GUp, Up, Up
And it goes like this the rest of the song. just listen, you got the chords so you'll probibly get the song together.
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