James Morrison – Right By Your Side chords ver. 2

done by ear, sorry for a bit of made up notation
h/p means hammer on the note then pull it off for a little jazzy riff sound
the chords in parenthesis are optional transition chords

capo 8

C, F, C - C, F, CWhere was I when your tears were falling?
Am, Em, Am - C, F, CWhere was I when you needed a friend?
Dm, Em, Am - C, F, CWhere was I when your heart was calling?
F, (F#), G - C, F, CDo you not remember? Well I'll tell you then.
Dm, G - Am, E* You know I remained right by your side;
Dm, F#, G - E, Am [h/p's with Am7] - (D)Pushed through the rain, and into the fire.
E*, F, F#, GCos when I said I loved you, that's just what I meant.
E**, Am, (low strings of G)So when you ask me, "where was I when..."
F, F#, G - C, F, CEvery time, I was right by your side.
C, F, C - C, F, CWhere was my love when your heart was bleeding?
Am, Em, Am - C, F, CWas it not enough just to be your man?
Am, E - C, F, CWhen you had no feeling, where were my hands?
Dm, F#, G - C, F, CIf you don’t remember well I’ll tell you then.
E, E7, E, E7, F, CWell don’t you know that I’ve given the best of me
E, E7, E, E7, F, F#, GI’ve done it all but you still don’t want to see
CHORUS *(riff on E: E to E add E# [on D string] h/p then E7) **(riff 2 on E: E to Esus4 to 020400)
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