James Taylor – Water Is Wide chords ver. 3


 Am  Bb/C

F Bb/CThe water is wide
FI can't cross over
Dm BbAnd neither have
Csus4 CI wings to fly
C7/Bb Am Cm7Build me a boat
F7 BbThat can carry two
Gm7 Am Bb/CAnd both shall row
F Fsus4 FMy love and I
Bb/D C/E F BbThere is a ship
F/A Gm FAnd she sails the sea
C/E Dm BbShe's loaded deep
Csus4 C As deep can be
C7/Bb AmBut not so deep
Cm7 F7 Bb F/A GmAs the love I'm in
Am Bb/CI know not how
F Fsus4 F I sink or swim
Bb/D C/E F Bb/COh love is handsome
FAnd love is fine
C/E Dm BbThe sweetest flower
Bb/D Csus4 CWhen first it's new
C7/Bb AmBut love grows old
Cm7 F7 Bb F/A Gm And waxes cold
Am Bb/CAnd fades away
Dm Like summer dew
Solo: Bb F/A Gm F F C/E Dm Bb Bb/D Csus4 C
C7/Bb AmBuild me a boat
Cm7 F7 Bb F/A GmThat can carry two
Am Bb/CAnd both shall row
Dm BbMy love and I
Am Bb/CAnd both shall row
F Fsus4 FMy love and I
I do believe that these chords are correct. happy playing. God Bless -Michael
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